The virtual call center

Call Center Services Whitepaper

What is a virtual call center?

A virtual call center offers your customers first-class support that is available day and night for inquiries related to Wirecard products and services. (The virtual call center service is only available in combination with a Wirecard solution.) Our experts across the world respond to customer inquiries on the phone, by email or in live chat—in any language. As a company, you stand to benefit from considerable cost savings and optimal support: The virtual structure means that the call center agents can be deployed flexibly and significantly more cost-effectively. The size of your company is irrelevant.

React flexibly to changed requirements.

Improve the quality of your support while keeping costs down.

Enable your staff to respond to inquiries even more effectively.

Standardized processes reduce your workload.

Handle even challenging support tasks without difficulty

Simply download our white paper on improving the quality of customer relationships with virtual service and discover the advantages of the virtual call center.

The white paper explains:

  • how a virtual call center works,
  • how the virtual service can help improve your customer relationships,
  • what industries benefit most from the virtual service,
  • what you must keep in mind regarding data protection and security,
  • how to reduce your workload significantly.