Pay Better: Enabling digital loans

Loan Disbursement Solutions

Digital payments are transforming the lending space

Small to medium businesses (SMB) increasingly turn to alternative lenders for the funds they need to grow, adapt to change, and act quickly on new opportunities. However, lenders must do more to stay competitive in a changing marketplace. Our playbook will walk you through how upgrading to our Loan Disbursement solution can reduce time to payment, turn payments from a cost center into a profit center, and harness borrower data to refine risk management and marketing models.

Understand borrower expectations and preferences

Learn how to improve funding speed

Explore loan disbursement options that benefit you and your customers

Compare your current processes with better ways to pay

The Pay Better Playbook for Lenders: Understanding the advantages of digital payments

For online lenders, standing out in the SMB lending space means optimizing speed and efficiency at every step. This playbook maps out how to improve the borrowing experience, draw insights from data analytics, and turn loan disbursement payments into profits.

Ready to dive into the “before” and “after” story of SMB lending?

  • Take a peek at what a better borrowing experience looks like
  • Understand the role of digital payments in online lending
  • Review the potential benefits of going digital
  • And more!