Digital transformation in the ferry tourism industry


Struggling to stay on course—despite increasing demand

The ferry industry is plagued by an outdated image. Many people associate ferries with spartanly furnished vessels rather than with mini-cruises, which a number of ships already offer. With a targeted digitalization strategy, ferry companies can react to customers’ increasing demands and reap benefits for themselves.

Make your passengers’ journey easier and improve their satisfaction on board.

Generate additional revenue with individual travel experiences for your passengers.

Set yourself apart from your competitors by providing a digital travel experience.

Receive precise data about your customers and their preferences.

From booking to arrival: offering passengers a seamless and comfortable travel experience

Download our white paper “Staying Afloat: How Ferry Tourism Can Survive and Flourish in the Age of Digital Transformation” and master the challenges of the industry!

In the white paper, find out:

  • What the situation is like in ferry tourism today
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