E‑mobility payment solutions

E Mobility

E-mobility gathers momentum thanks to digitalization

While refueling has become second nature to drivers of conventional cars, recharging is still a challenge for drivers of electric vehicles. These problems can be solved with technical innovation and digital payment solutions—and benefit everyone. The reasons are:

It's necessary to register in advance

There's often a limited choice of payment options

The charging-station infrastructure is poor in some places

Sometimes charging takes a very long time

Find out more about the potential of digital e-mobility payment solutions

Download our white paper “Digital Payment at Charging Stations: Digitalization in E-Mobility” and learn more about how charge point operators, e-roaming networks, utility companies, and other parties can benefit.

The white paper answers the most important questions:

  • How is e-mobility developing worldwide?
  • How can EV drivers enjoy secure, easy and convenient payment?
  • How can value-added services make recharging less of a chore?
  • How can providers put the large quantity of customer and transaction data to good use?