Wirecard and CIMB Bank Singapore to provide mPOS and banking solution for Eleos

Expansion of the Eleos POS system

Jana Tilz
Corporate media inquiries
Jana Tilz

VP Corporate Communications & Branding

Apr 12, 2016

Wirecard has entered into a new partnership in the field of mobile point of sales (mPOS) with a company from Singapore: Software till system manufacturer Eleos Web Pte Ltd has placed its trust in the Munich-based technology and payment provider’s white label solution. The collaboration will expand Eleos’ till functionality to incorporate mobile card acceptance. Eleos will first launch the solution in Singapore before extending it to Southeast Asia with Wirecard providing the mPOS technology including technical integration and CIMB Bank supporting with a slew of services and solutions including credit facility and online banking as the acquiring bank.

Eleos has been developing and operating automated till systems under the name OctopusTM for the past 13 years. The systems are used in the retail and dining sectors and are operated via tablet or smartphone apps. Eleos’ client base in Singapore and South-East Asia exceeds 400, and Wirecard’s integrated mobile card reader solution will now grant them the ability to fully process orders and credit card payments. The solution is to be swiftly rolled out to all existing and new customers who adopt the Octopus retail POS.

Ong Whee Shiong, Managing Director at Eleos said, “As a supplier of state-of-the-art till systems, Eleos’ new tie-up with Wirecard and CIMB Bank enhances the mobile card acceptance solution which ties in seamlessly with our omnichannel retail solutions. In addition, our customers stand to benefit from the simplicity of the application, as they will be able to manage their orders and invoices using a single application from now on.”

“As we witness an increase in demand for mobile payment options, CIMB Bank’s partnership with Wirecard is a complementary alliance where we embark on new market opportunities and identify new ways to generate value for different stakeholders. Through this latest collaboration with Eleos, CIMB Bank will continue to provide that quintessential one-stop payment and banking solution to the businesses who adopt the Octopus retail POS through Eleos“, said Mak Lye Mun, CEO of CIMB Bank Singapore and Country Head of CIMB Group Singapore.

Jeffry Ho, Managing Director at Wirecard Singapore: “Card payments are exceptionally popular in the Asian market and mPOS solutions are drivers of card transactions in the region. Given that Eleos already has an established till system at its disposal, we were able to integrate our mPOS Software Development Kit with utmost ease. We fully adapted the functionality of our solution to the till system.”

With its mPOS platform, Wirecard offers businesses of all sizes from all industries the opportunity to accept cashless payments via credit or debit card. A wide range of card reader devices are available for this purpose. Wirecard's mobile card readers are white label solutions. This means they can be individually tailored in terms of configuration and design.