Our COVID-19 action plan

Covid 19

Everyone around the world is facing a great degree of uncertainty due to COVID-19. As at any time, Wirecard is committed to supporting your business or you as a consumer and to providing continuity of service at all times, even more so throughout the course of this pandemic.

It is our duty to ensure that you can continue your operations and help you respond to the unique demands that you may be facing. Neither will there be any disruptions to our services for consumers. As a fully digital organization, we have set up all the measures to ensure the continuity of your business and availability of our services:

  • We have set up remote working wherever possible.
  • All teams responsible for production IT systems and office IT systems operate 24/7 as usual. There are no limitations in any kind of service.
  • All contact center and support helplines are available as per normal operating hours. The usual contact details such as phone number and email address apply.
  • All payout services work as usual.
  • All colleagues in direct contact with customers, partners and vendors are reachable via their normal contact details.
  • A vast majority of our employees are equipped to work from home with laptop, phone and network access. The full range of necessary online collaboration tools are available remotely.
  • Our teams are used to work remotely. The operation of IT equipment and organization as a virtual team have always been part of their regular working procedures.

The Wirecard management team as well as dedicated working groups are meeting continuously to assess and appropriately respond to the situation, as it evolves, to make sure we maintain our business continuity, and to support the safety and health of those impacted. Wirecard is in close contact with local government and public health authorities across the globe and is operating in accordance with their expert guidance.

We are prioritizing the well-being of both our employees and your employees, which is why the great majority of our workforce is working remotely from home and we have taken extensive measures to reduce potential transmission. Online collaboration tools are in place for our employees to not only communicate with each other but also with you and our partners.

See below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding the implementation of our business continuity plans. If you have any more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know. This information can also be found online; we will maintain and update it regularly as conditions change.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Wirecard Business Continuity Plan?
Wirecard maintains a robust business continuity management program. Individual divisions across Wirecard have specific plans based on the nature of impacts possible to our business operations. Wirecard has designed preparedness and response plans that address the availability of our workforce, workplaces, technologies, and critical interdependencies. Thanks to our global teams, we are able to share responsibilities across geographies, which provides a further line of resilience. Any offices with mandatory remote working solutions are fully able to maintain essential business processes and customer support without any disruptions to customer services to date.

2. Will my services be impacted?
Wirecard remains committed to maintaining a continuous service provision. Our digital financial commerce platform is designed for maximum availability and resilience. At this time, we are fully functional and do not expect any disruption to any of our services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Will there be delays in the Wirecard supply chain due to COVID-19?
Wirecard is committed to upholding the terms and agreements set with your company. We maintain a multi-sourcing strategy for most of our terminals, and Wirecard works continuously to avoid delays that impact customers. At this moment, we do not see any shortages in supplying you with hardware.

4. Do you have any concerns regarding support for customers?
Thanks to the size and global distribution of our workforce as well as our fully digital processes, Wirecard is able to provide resilient and continuous services globally. All our operations are running as usual so that your business can too.

5. How can I get updates on COVID-19 from Wirecard?
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the impacts of COVID-19 on Wirecard services, please reach out to your existing Wirecard contact.

6. Where can I next meet Wirecard at an event?
All events with Wirecard in March have been canceled so far, some have been postponed to Q3/Q4. The decisions on participation in the events in April and May will be made gradually. We will be updating you regularly.