Melanie Hillen

Melanie Hillen

Vice President for Client Support Services (Merchant Support)

How long have you been working for Wirecard?

I came to Wirecard in 2003, so you could say that I’m an old hand.

Why did you choose Wirecard as your employer?

The advertised position appealed to me personally, especially because I’m passionate about new technologies. Back then, Wirecard was still an ambitious start-up, but had obvious potential and a very promising and diverse customer portfolio.

What tasks does your work involve?

In the Merchant Support department of the Client Support Services division, where I work, we mainly provide technical support to customers. This requires us to communicate with them and model them in our systems.

My number one task as a manager is to steadily improve and develop the support we provide to our merchants so Wirecard continues to secure and strengthen the company’s leading position vis-à-vis our competitors.

What characterizes the work your department does?

The work we do in Merchant Support covers a lot of ground. It calls for considerable people skills, a love of communication, and also a strong technical background. All of this is essential for understanding the systems used at Wirecard and being able to explain them to others.

What do you especially like about Wirecard and your current role?

The flat hierarchies, because they let us communicate directly with the Directors and Executive Board. I believe it’s very important for management not to completely lose sight of the operational level.

What I especially like about Wirecard are the flat hierarchies and the possibility to communicate directly with our Directors and Executive Board.