Juliane Stadler

Juliane Stadler

Team Lead Business Operations

Please tell us a little about your career at Wirecard.

I originally got involved as a freelancer working on a project, and then in January 2013 I joined the Business Operations team as an employee. In October 2015, I was promoted to my current position of Team Lead.

Why did you choose Wirecard as your employer?

At Wirecard, I have lots of opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge further, and am getting a lot out of working in the Business Operations team.

What specific tasks does your work involve?

In Business Operations, we look after customers that have been recruited by Sales. It starts with an onboarding process for each new merchant, which includes drawing up a contract and getting all the legal documents in order. We also act as the link between merchants and other Wirecard departments. After technically setting up a new merchant, we’re available to answer their questions and help them resolve any issues that arise. I’m the first port of call for my employees, and I also help with optimizing processes, organizing direct mail campaigns, and initiating projects within the department.

What is a typical workday like for you?

Every day is different. It’s a mixture of completely different things related to projects and customer requests. After getting to the office, I start by identifying and prioritizing the most important tasks. Apart from that, I check our team’s email account and assign jobs to various colleagues, as necessary. Then I get on with whatever needs to be done and also attend meetings, am involved in interviews, and other appointments. But I’m always available for my team colleagues in case they have any questions or problems. My office door is always open.

What do you especially like about Wirecard and your current role?

I really enjoy working as a member of the team and in the international environment at Wirecard. Although the Business Operations team has grown considerably, we’re a tight-knit group and help each other out, always with the goal of making sure the merchants are happy. Since our everyday work varies a lot, it never gets boring and we are constantly learning new things. Especially as the company keeps on expanding internationally.

The company does a lot for its employees. There’s a gym and various cafeterias for us to use, and big company events such as the summer or Christmas party. Overall Wirecard is an excellent employer and makes us feel valued and appreciated.

What is especially important for your own career? How does Wirecard support your personal development?

Wirecard constantly gives us opportunities to further our skills and knowledge. There are courses we can attend, and also learn a lot from helping to develop and improve products and processes. As Wirecard is active around the world, we have a very cosmopolitan work environment.

I personally feel very supported by both my bosses, who showed their confidence in me by offering me the role of team lead. I can truly say that I’ve made real progress here, both professionally and personally. I’ve also developed a greater awareness of my own strengths and weaknesses.

What would you like to see in the future for Wirecard?

I hope that the outstanding work environment never fades despite the company’s fast growth. The atmosphere here is very open and multicultural, and I would like it to stay that way.

I mainly like the international working environment and being part of a strong team. As our everyday work varies a lot, it never gets boring and we are constantly learning new things.