Debit Order

Automate funds collection directly from a customer’s bank account with our debit order solution.

Debit order collection: Hassle-free payments for everyone involved

The Wirecard end-to-end debit order solution enables clients to seamlessly take payment from customers on a recurring basis. After the initial payment instructions have been arranged, Wirecard takes care of collections, so that you as a merchant have more time to focus on driving your business.

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What is a debit order—and how can we help?

Wirecard is a leading debit order solutions provider in South Africa. Not only can our solution support you in processing debit orders, but also in payments scheduling and managing debit order mandates for authorisation. As a merchant, you simply need to provide instructions and the funds are recovered directly from a customer’s bank account at each specified interval. In this way, you receive the money due, and the customer does not need to worry about missed payments.

Key benefits of the debit order solution

Take advantage of a fully automated debit order system for:

  • Automatic collection when payment is due
  • Easy setup and management
  • Lower costs than credit card transactions
  • Hassle-free collection of funds
  • PCI compliance

Recurring payment and credit card batch files

For merchants offering services such as insurance, telecom, media, gyms, or any regular payment scenarios, batch payment can be a great option. For recurring payments, you can simply upload a monthly batch file with varied amounts to be debited from a credit card. Also securely store card data such as a PAN or the expiry date in the form of a Wirecard token in order to make subsequent payments quickly and easily.

Recurring payments: Key features

Customer collection information in one place for efficient recurring payment via credit card batch.

  • Load account and card information
  • Set up recurring payment amounts
  • Set up time and date frames for debits
  • Submit collections
  • Safely and securely store data as a token
  • Access in-depth reporting

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