Wirecard to offer Western Union Money Transfer services in India

Partnership with Weizmann Forex enables international money remittance

Jana Tilz
Corporate media inquiries
Jana Tilz

VP Corporate Communications & Branding

Jun 22, 2017

Wirecard is on the rise in India: Through its partnership with Weizmann Forex, the international payment expert now enters the international remittance business in the world’s biggest remittance market. Weizmann Forex Ltd., is one of Western Union’s largest and most trusted principal agents in India. By signing an agreement with Weizmann Forex, Wirecard offers an easy and secure money transfer service in India.

The service will be rolled out to thousands of locations across all major cities and districts in India. Locations that will be offering international money remittance are part of the 150,000-strong SmartShop agent network of Wirecard in India. These agents provide access to affordable financial services and retail-assisted e-commerce to people who don’t have internet access, smartphones or bank accounts.

India’s digital payments market is expected to more than double to reach $470 billion by 2020. With this, India is the world's largest recipient of remittances, the World Bank estimates approximately $62.7 billion had been sent to India in 2016. Through the SmartShop agent network people will be able to receive fast and reliable remittances from Western Union even in rural areas of India, immediately after the money has been wired by the sender. Locations that Wirecard is adding Western Union Money Transfer services to will include besides the SmartShops even travel agencies, foreign exchange houses and locations that currently focus on domestic remittances.

Georg von Waldenfels, Executive Vice President, Consumer Solutions and Member of the Board at Wirecard in India points out: “International remittances represent a key pillar in Wirecard’s retail network strategy in India. They will be a key anchor service for us to cross sell other products to consumers at our retail agent locations. By adding more products to our vast network of agents, we get even closer to consumers across this dynamic country.”

“Our mission is to scale greater heights by providing consistent customer satisfaction in the field of money transfer. By partnering with Wirecard, we are able to give greater access to people across India for receiving money remittances in a very convenient and fast manner”, adds Chetan Mehra, Vice Chairman at Weizmann Forex.