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Global payment experts, local to you

Wirecard offers a range of payment, collection, and verification services to support your business. Whether your goal is higher sales rates, improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, or secure payment processes, you can achieve it with us. We thrive on supporting your business, helping you to easily accept payments and take your business further.

Wirecard Solutions South Africa is based in Cape Town, serving merchants throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. No matter the region you’re in, we are where you need us for support, solutions, and services that can help you optimize your business.

Whatever your business, whatever the industry

Wirecard enables payments in just about every sector, including e-commerce, airline and travel, banking, telecommunications, retail, and more. We provide a large palette of products and services tailored to suit your business model and target markets. Implementation is easy and our support services are based on years of experience. When you work with Wirecard, you see just how simple it is to integrate solutions into your existing structures.

Encourage customers, boost sales

Direct credit or debit transactions, recurring payments or debit orders, instant electronic funds transfer (EFT) and more—we have the solution you need. Combining the abilities of an innovative tech company with those of a bank, we enable fast, simple, and secure services. With many tools and options to choose from, you can ensure sales success across all sales channels.


Our Payment Gateway, your e-commerce solution

The multi-currency Payment Gateway makes international business much clearer. With this PCI-compliant platform, you can take advantage of localised currencies, accelerated merchant account setup, transparency over online card processing, and pay by link as standard. Plus value-added services for fraud prevention that protect both you and your customers. Discover how these product features and more can support you.

Secure and certified

We apply the strictest security standards and certified encryption methods in all payment processes. Your customers can expect secure payment and you benefit from effective risk management, and minimized defaults and fraud.

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PCI DSS: Level 1

We are certified to Level 1 standard of PCI DSS. With tools, resources, and annual audits from a Qualified Security Assessor, cardholder data is always handled safely and securely.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

Our Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode certifications ensure protected payments in your store with unique codes, bank authentication of the cardholder, and electronic evidence direct to merchants.

ISAE 3402

The ISAE 3402 standard forms part of our commitment to creating a safe and secure financial platform for merchants to transact and enhance information management and security.

Why choose Wirecard?

  • Secure processing: Level 1 PCI Certified
  • Multiple processing methods
  • Advanced fraud prevention tactics and tools
  • Connected to all major banks
  • Secure web access for all financial transactions
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