Digital retail: moving beyond omnichannel

Digital retail: The Omnichannel strategy of the Future

Digital retail aims to create a consistent, connected shopping experience that is fast, simple and available everywhere. Retailers can see opportunities to maximize sales and foster long-term customer retention by linking up digital solutions smartly.

Transformation in digital retail – Facts and News

The more channels customers use, the more valuable they are.

Retailer’s omnichannel customers are more valuable on multiple counts. After controlling for shopping experience, they spent an average of 4% more on every shopping occasion in the store and 10% more online than single-channel customers. Even more compelling, with every additional channel they used, the shoppers spent more money in the store.

Wirecard is your perfect partner for digital retail.

We offer you tailored omnichannel solutions: e-commerce, in-store and mobile.

Smart solutions
Wirecard offers you smart payment and data solutions that align with your individual needs—and they are intelligently combined and connected.

Connected across channels: e-commerce, in-store and mobile
Wirecard enables you to offer products and services across all channels. Optimise your customers’ shopping experience and meet their purchase intentions.

End-to-end value chain for payment
From payment processing, issuing, mobile POS systems, and special customer loyalty programmes—we provide everything to enable you to get to know your customers better and create a sharper customer profile.

We empower retailers for the future
Wirecard: a strong payment partner at your side. As a full-service payment provider, we make your payment business ready for the digital future.

Why work with Wirecard

  • Consulting, services and products for all your payment business
  • Integrated digital payment ecosystem all around the world
  • Solutions based on the latest technology 
  • Easy integration, easy implementation
  • Fully digitised payment processes
  • Combined and connected solutions



“Our goal is to enhance the channels e-commerce, in-store and mobile by bringing them together. So we create a new customer experience.”

Alexander Hahn
Vice President POS Retail Solutions, Wirecard

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