Wirecard integrates payments into online shop of Burger King® in Turkey

Wirecard handles the entire payment process

Jana Tilz
Corporate media inquiries
Jana Tilz

VP Corporate Communications & Branding

Jul 21, 2016

The Wirecard Group, with its Turkish subsidiary Wirecard Ödeme Ve Elektronik Para Hizmetleri A.Ş, today announced the integration of credit card payments in the online shop of Burger King® in Turkey. Within this arrangement, Wirecard handles the entire payment process. Thus, Burger King® Turkey is the first and only fast food company accepting online and mobile payments.

Since May 2016 Turkish Burger King® customers can order and pay their food via credit card on www.burgerking.com.tr/tiklagelsin. Subsequently, the order is delivered directly to the customer’s home. Turkish Burger King® customers had already been able to benefit from Burger King®’s online delivery service before, by paying for their orders at their doorstep. With the new payment solution ordering online has become more comfortable. From September 2016, the new way to pay online via credit card will also be possible, thanks to the new Wirecard Burger King® collaboration, through even further channels to improve the usability of the payment process.

Last year, Burger King® has celebrated its 20th anniversary in Turkey and served for its customers 250 million times. TAB Gıda, master franchisee of Burger King, is already the leader of the Quickservice Restaurant (QSR) sector, with its approximately 1000 restaurants in 5 brands, all over Turkey. Caner Dikici, Burger King®CEO of TAB Gıda, comments: “Burger King® is the leader of hamburger QSR sector with more than 600 restaurants, we want to make the online order process easier and more comfortable for our customers as well. Thanks to the integration of credit card payments to our online shop by Wirecard, our customers now have the chance to order their food online and directly pay online via credit card. The only thing they need to do then is wait for their orders to be delivered to their houses.”

“We are happy to support Burger King® in Turkey with this worldwide unique service. By also handling the entire payment process we further pave the way for most convenient and secure online orders from a single source”, adds Alper Akcan, Managing Director of Wirecard Turkey.