Wirecard Brazil takes over payment processing for Enjoei

One of Brazilian’s biggest online fashion marketplaces

Jana Tilz
Corporate media inquiries
Jana Tilz

VP Corporate Communications & Branding

Aug 29, 2017

Wirecard Brazil launches the added value feature ‘Transparent Account’ for EnjoeiEnjoei expects to increase its Net Promoter Score by 50%

The leading specialist for digital financial technology, Wirecard, launches a new white label product for Enjoei, one of the biggest online fashion marketplaces in Brazil. The feature called ‘Transparent Account’ by Wirecard Brazil enables the entire post-transactional management in Enjoei’s interface. As a result, Enjoei can unify the whole sales experience, which includes onboarding and payment processing on the platform.

The Brazilian e-commerce sector is growing steadily. According to statistics provided by FecomercioSP/E-bit institute, a further increase in online trade of up to 15% is expected for 2017. Enjoei supports this trend: With more than 1 million vendors on its platform, Enjoei is one of Brazilian’s biggest online fashion marketplaces. Due to Transparent Account, the white label solution by Wirecard Brazil, Enjoei expects to increase its Net Promoter Score by 50%. The Transparent Account is a white label solution, which offers a large range of features including financial reports, transfers and banking reconciliation inside the marketplace interface. This fully-integrated solution offers merchants an optimal selling experience by centralizing all the financial requirements.

Tie Lima, Co-Founder of Enjoei, comments: "When we started in 2009, we already knew that in order to reach our mission we would have to rely on a company capable of fulfilling our long-term needs and be capable of developing custom features for our type of business. Wirecard is now supplying technical support and creating safe solutions that helps us to gain market share”.

Sandra Meermann Hying, Executive Vice President Sales Operations and Member of the Board at Wirecard Brazil, says: "We are delighted to strengthening the Brazilian e-commerce market with our payment methods while simultaneously offering customers like Enjoei innovative digital payment services, thereby driving online trade forward in Brazil, which is already in a very strong position”.