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Wirecard and Wirelane offer payment solution at thousands of e-mobility charging stations

Payments at 6,000 Wirelane charging stations throughout the whole of Europe

Jana Tilz
Corporate media inquiries
Jana Tilz

VP Corporate Communications & Branding

Aug 21, 2018

Wirecard, the international leader of innovation in the field of digital financial technology, is launching a rapid, barrier-free, easy-to-use payment solution together with the Munich-based specialists for e-mobility and charging infrastructure, Wirelane, which is to be rolled out at nearly 6,000 charging stations across Europe on a gradual basis.

Wirelane is a provider of software and hardware for charging electric vehicles. In addition to the management and administration of charging stations, the company has developed a new high-tech charging station for both the private and public sector. This will further accelerate the charging process and make it far simpler than conventional charging pillars. The Wirelane app enables the access to 60,000 charging points across Europe. Nearly 6,000 charging points have already been fitted with Wirecard software for all downstream settlement processes. A module developed by Wirecard will in future facilitate contactless payments without any protracted registrations processes. End customers can use NFC-enabled credit cards or smartphone wallets such as Google Pay or Apple Pay to initiate the charging process with just a simple “tap” on the station.

Constantin Schwaab, CEO of Wirelane: “Together with Wirecard, we are digitizing the charging process of electric vehicles, and this also includes the payment at charging stations. Our back office already enables business partners across Europe to manage their own infrastructure. End users should now also benefit from the use of charging options. Accordingly, we are pleased to have found an excellent partner with Wirecard to allow our customers the simplest possible payment. Therefore, we are excited to have found an exceptional partner in Wirecard in order to together offer our customers the simplest possible payment experience.”

Axel Puwein, Director of Products & Innovation at Wirecard CEE, adds: “Up until now, owners of electric cars have often had to deal with lengthy registration processes and had to have internet access. Wirecard is now ensuring that they can make us of a barrier-free, uncomplicated payment process directly at the charging station. The issue of e-mobility has become a future-orientated topic for the automotive industry as a whole, and we are excited to implement a fully digitized process for charging electric vehicles together with Wirelane.”

Interested parties can experience the innovative charging and payment solution in person at the “Krone E-Mobility-Play Days” event at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria on 29 and 30 September 2018. Wirecard and Wirelane will be showcasing how the system works in practice at the event.