Wirecard and Beşiktaş JK deliver a better fan experience for users with new app

Beşiktaş JK mobile app has already more than 300,000 users

Jana Tilz
Corporate media inquiries
Jana Tilz

VP Corporate Communications & Branding

Feb 27, 2019

Wirecard platform enables fully digital payments via the mobile wallet Beşiktaş JK will expand deployment to more restaurants and food outlets as well as the official Beşiktaş JK merchandise store

Wirecard, the global innovation leader for digital financial technology and Beşiktaş JK, one of Turkey’s oldest and biggest sports clubs, have joined forces to launch the latest version of the Beşiktaş JK mobile app which includes a new integrated mobile wallet. Football fans can now order and pay for refreshments from their seats during the match, and then conveniently pick their order up without having to wait in line. Wirecard enables and processes the digital payments within the Beşiktaş JK mobile app which has more than 300,000 users.

Initially launching for the main refreshments sales point within the club’s stadium, Beşiktaş JK plans to extend the scope of the app to make it possible to pay with the integrated mobile wallet in more affiliated sales points as well as other fast food outlets. In the future, the app can be used to pay for Beşiktaş JK branded merchandise. Furthermore, fans will be able to earn points whenever they use the mobile wallet to make purchases, enhancing brand engagement and loyalty.

Umut Kutlu, Chief Marketing Officer at Beşiktaş JK, said, “We want to make the fan experience as positive as possible. Thanks to Wirecard, we now offer our fans a new level of convenience by enabling them to purchase refreshments within the new Beşiktaş JK mobile app and skip the long lines that can form at half time when up to 40,000 spectators leave their seats at the same time. We have already received great feedback on the app and are excited to expand the payment solution to other areas soon.”

Dündar Özdemir, Managing Director Turkey at Wirecard, added, “We are proud to work with such a forward-thinking and respected club as Beşiktaş JK. We share a common vision of enabling seamless, optimized customer experiences and are delighted to offer Beşiktaş JK fans the possibility of making quick and simple purchases via the Beşiktaş JK mobile app. Together, we are meeting the needs of modern sports’ fans who have high expectations not only from their team but also from their digital experiences.”

The new Beşiktaş JK app is available for iOS and Android via the respective app stores.