Cashless end-to-end solution for Europe’s largest taxi booking app taxi.eu

Wirecard forwards bookings from customers directly to the taxi offices

Jana Tilz
Corporate media inquiries
Jana Tilz

VP Corporate Communications & Branding

Aug 25, 2017

Wirecard, the leading provider of payment and internet technology, will in future process all online payments for the taxi.eu app. The app is designed by fms/Austrosoft, a taxi fleet management system manufacturer, and is Europe’s largest taxi booking portal with more than 65,000 connected vehicles in over 100 European locations. The collaboration with Wirecard allows taxi.eu passengers to order a taxi online and make convenient cashless payments via their smartphone from inside the vehicle. Wirecard then forwards the payment from the passenger directly to the respective taxi office.

Wirecard has developed the customised end-to-end digital solution, which is now available across Europe at all participating taxi offices. All online payments are securely and directly processed. In addition, Wirecard also facilitates relevant regional payment options, for example iDEAL in the Netherlands.

Roland Toch, Managing Director at Wirecard CEE: “Ever more people are using apps for all kinds of transactions. We are delighted to support taxi.eu in offering their customers an end-to-end solution which offers genuine value-added enabling users to conveniently order and make cashless payments for taxis throughout Europe via their smartphones. The otherwise additional step of manual payments is rendered obsolete for customers – a development which reflects the importance of m-commerce. This is also a huge advantage for taxi offices, as they now receive payments directly without them being processed via third parties.”

Michael Weiss, Managing Director of fms/Austrosoft, comments: “We were looking for an experienced payment provider, to process payments directly and securely through the taxi.eu app from one source. We paid a lot of attention to the requirements and needs of our passengers as well as our cooperating taxi centres throughout Europe. We have certainly found the right partner in Wirecard, whose innovative and secure payment system will support us in exactly the way we imagined. This will allow us to further strengthen our position as the leading taxi booking portal on the European taxi market.”