Berjaya Group introduces reward app “B Infinite” in collaboration with Wirecard

Users profit from new omnichannel experience

Jana Tilz
Corporate media inquiries
Jana Tilz

VP Corporate Communications & Branding

Dec 07, 2016

Today the Berjaya Group, who is one of Malaysia’s largest conglomerates with a wide range of interests across various business sectors, announces the launch of the new reward app B Infinite. The mobile application is powered by Wirecard, one of the global leaders in internet and payment technology. Thanks to a variety of loyalty and couponing functions, B Infinite offers a multi-faceted capabilities to its users: functioning as a mobile marketing platform to find out about the latest local merchant flash deals, payment gateway and redemption service for its members.

With the new B Infinite app powered by Wirecard, users will get a detailed real-time overview of their loyalty points, balance and purchases, allowing them to have better control and convenience over their own rewarding experience. In addition to this, users have the ability to manage their own omnichannel experience through B Infinite. For example, members can personalize the app through filtering merchant offers by category of interest.

Yau Su Peng, Director of Retail and Innovation at Berjaya Corporation Berhad, said, “On the enhanced B Infinite rewards program network, there are many opportunities for merchants to communicate directly to consumers, as well as upsell and cross-sell to both consumers and the merchant’s customers. As part of the network, merchants are able to collaborate with global payment brands MasterCard and Wirecard. This allows them to access tools and abilities without the need to build anything themselves. I am delighted to now offer merchants and members this enhanced rewards experience with B Infinite.”

“The B Infinite launch by Berjaya Corporation marked another milestone for technological innovation. We are delighted that our mobile payment platform and infrastructure are being selected for this project. We believe that this initiative, designed for better convenience and control for members will further entrench Berjaya’s engagement with their members”, said Markus Eichinger, Vice President Value Added Services at Wirecard.

B Infinite builds on the success of BCARD, a member rewards program that quickly found success from its launch in 2011. To date, the program counts more than 5 million members, 80 merchants and over 4000 stores nationwide as part of its network. Wirecard Payment Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a Wirecard Group Company, has partnered with Berjaya Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary BLoyalty Sdn Bhd (“BLoyalty”) since March 2016.