Allianz, Visa and Wirecard collaborate to launch mobile payment app Allianz Prime

Seamless payment experience combined with an attractive loyalty program

Jana Tilz
Corporate media inquiries
Jana Tilz

VP Corporate Communications & Branding

Feb 27, 2018

Allianz Partners, Visa and Wirecard announce today the launch of a new mobile payment solution – Allianz Prime. Allianz Prime users will be able to make secure mobile transactions at all contactless enabled terminals worldwide. Starting today, the app will be tested in Italy, involving a sample of Allianz customers. Wirecard is providing the service to process transactions and is integrating it with a unique loyalty program. Allianz Partners plans a further rollout of the product throughout the year, initially focusing on European Markets.

With Allianz Prime, Allianz Partners offers its customers a convenient and safe way to pay, for any offline or online purchase all over the world. Customers who download the Allianz Prime app and register for the service get a virtual and digital Visa card instantly issued by Wirecard. Cards can be topped-up from any existing bank account or via the customer’s credit card. To enable contactless mobile payments at the point of sale, users add the digital Visa card with one click into their mobile wallet. Furthermore, virtual Visa cards can be used for e-commerce transactions.

Allianz Prime customers always have their Visa cards at hand, safely stored in their smartphone. Customers can carry out e-commerce purchases and mobile payments at all contactless-enabled terminals worldwide and collect points and rewards for every purchase they make. At the same time, consumers can track and control their spending with the smart spending analysis tool. The customer’s digital identity and all online payments are covered by Allianz Partners’ Digital Payments Protection. The insurance offers coverage against fraud, safeguards and supports customers in case of defective or damaged online purchases and provides financial compensation in case of loss.

“With the support of our digital partners Visa and Wirecard, the Allianz Partners Innovation Team has created Allianz Prime. A solution that provides our customers with freedom and security via safe and insured mobile payments off- and online, anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it offers a global platform for our Allianz Operating Entities to engage with their customers on a daily basis, enriching traditional insurance with technology and services,” states Matthias Wünsche, Head of Market Management and Innovation, at Allianz Partners.

Mike Lemberger, Senior Vice President, product solutions Europe at Visa, says: “With the launch of their first mobile payment app, Allianz has not only created a new way to engage and reward customers, but is also offering them a new, secure way to make payments worldwide – online and in stores – while also helping consumers keep track of their spending.”

Sebastian Krahe, Vice President Professional Services at Wirecard, states: “Digitalizing the payment process is the core of our business. Italy is a strong market for the start of the new mobile payment app and we are looking forward to the expanded usage of Allianz Prime during this year. Predictions show that the usage of mobile payments will grow by over 60 percent each year in Europe.”

Allianz Prime offers an engaging, digital and seamless customer experience: After downloading the Allianz Prime app, a secure registration can be completed fully digitally via the smartphone in less than 10 minutes. The newly created account can immediately be used to make payments online or via smartphone at the point of sale. All payments made are tracked in real-time and can be revisited and analyzed in a smart overview, provided by the app. With every payment, the customer takes part in an attractive loyalty program, accumulating reward points that can be used for future purchases.