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Since its foundation Wirecard has proved to be one of the leading international providers of outsourcing and white label solutions for electronic payment transactions.

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1999 Foundation

Geographical expansion in Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Asia/Pacific (APCA): Turkey, South Africa, Singapore and New Zealand & Australia.

One of the world´s leading technology companies for electronic payment transactions. Retail payment processing for all sales channels, whether online, mobile or point-of-sale (POS).

Ongoing strategic expansion in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam)

Expansion of the leading position as a Partner in the new Mobile Payment Business in Europe.

Integration of different transmission technologies (NFC, HCE, QR Code or BLE) and value added services such as loyality and couponing into the Wirecard Mobile Payment platform.

Further M&A transaction in Asia (Indonesia)

Launch of mobile payment/M-PoS Solutions Launch of Mobile Payment/M-PoS Solutions

Move to the new headquarters Aschheim/Dornach (Munich) Move to the new headquarters Aschheim/Dornach (Munich)

Further expansion into Asia and Europe

M&A transaction announced: E-Credit Plus Pte. Ltd., Singapore M&A transaction announced: E-Credit Plus Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Wirecard Asia Pacific established

Issuing business takes off

Consolidation of Wirecard Bank AG

Rebranding corporate identity Rebranding corporate identity

TecDAX listing TecDAX listing

New offices in Grasbrunn (Munich) New offices in Grasbrunn (Munich)

Listing on the Deutsche Börse Frankfurt (Frankfurt Stock Exchange, FSE), Prime Standard