Case study

Find out how Wirecard helped Orange to become a pioneer of mobile payment with smart shopping capability.

Posted on 22.12.2017 at 14:48

Orange Cash – from a telecommunications company to a provider of integrated and mobile services

The Potential

Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with 269 million customers worldwide and a presence in 29 countries. Especially in its home market France, at quite an early stage when there were no comparable products on the market, Orange detected a high potential for a mobile payment solutions thanks to a high level of acceptance.

At the same time, telecommunication markets typically are very competitive, so it made sense to stand above the competition and to enhance the customer loyalty by offering a unique feature. This also matched Orange’s bigger roadmap to evolve from a telecommunications company to a provider of integrated and mobile services.

Therefore, Orange decided to take a pioneering role in mobile payment with support from Wirecard. Orange’s goal was to create an intelligent ecosystem for mobile payment and commerce alongside their partners, customers and users. 

The Solution

Together with Wirecard, Orange developed the mobile payment solution Orange Cash. The virtual wallet uses an NFC SIM card, to securely store the digital Visa card, or alternatively works with Apple Pay. It was gradually introduced in France in 2014, followed by a nationwide rollout in Spain and France in 2015. Wirecard is responsible for implementation and development of all technical and financial processes according to Orange’s design and requirements. In addition to security, a high level of usability was a central focus of the development.

Orange customers can use the flexible payment application to make contactless payments at NFC-enabled terminals worldwide simply by topping up their card ahead of time. Alternatively, they can also use it online: For this purpose, a single-use credit card is generated within the app in real time, which customers can use to purchase from their chosen online store for 24 hours. Customers can also take advantage of fast and easy peer-to-peer money transfer functions with anyone who uses Orange Cash with the mobile wallet, e.g., to subsequently split a bill at a restaurant.

Orange Cash users also benefit from additional offerings that are tailored to their needs – thanks to modern couponing & loyalty systems from Wirecard, retailers can create individual buying incentives before, during or even after a purchase using various promotional methods, such as gift vouchers, discounts, loyalty points or cashback deals. In this way, for instance, it is possible to highlight special offers or discount campaigns via the Orange Cash app, providing another reason for customers to visit the shop. This benefits all sides: shops gain more customers, consumers are happy about all the discounts and vouchers they receive and Orange is pleased about high app user numbers. 

The Result

The Orange Cash app has been very successful since it was launched at the end of 2015. At the end of 2017, more than 500,000 users had conducted more than three million transactions in over 250,000 different stores, and numbers are continuously growing. In addition, more and more retailers are participating in the Orange Cash programme each month.

Apart from offering easy and secure mobile payment, from Orange’s point of view it has proven to be both a very valuable tool for customer loyalty and for attracting new customers. Thanks to its great success, Orange Cash has been continuously expanded – recently a special feature created for young people’s pocket money has been added.

Moreover, most recently the launch of Orange Bank marks a further major step: the first all-in-one mobile payment and banking app in France.