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Dublin Wirecard UK & Ireland

Wirecard UK & Ireland in Dublin, Ireland, is responsible for the sales and marketing of Wirecard’s products and services on the British and Irish markets. It is above all sales professionals who thrive on this exciting task and see its potential for expansion.

The Dublin office is located right in the centre of Ireland’s capital, with excellent access to public transport and motorway networks. Ferries travel regularly from Dublin port to Liverpool and Holyhead.

Dublin is Ireland’s seat of government and financial centre. The most important stock exchanges in the country, the Irish Stock Exchange and the Irish Enterprise Exchange, are both located in the city. Many European banks and insurance companies also have branches in Dublin.

With half a million inhabitants (more than one million in Greater Dublin as a whole), the city offers an abundance of culture. Folk music is still prevalent, and many famous pop groups have their roots in Dublin. What is more, an exceptionally large number of influential writers were born in the city, including Samuel Beckett and George Bernard Shaw.

In addition to its numerous recreational facilities, Dublin also enjoys a pleasant maritime climate: mild winters, cool summers and very few extremes of temperature.

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