Posted on 09.09.2013 at 14:02


Project Manager

Willy T.

What motivates you to happily come into the office each morning?
My position as Project Manager for Collection and BI enables me to move around very flexibly within the company. This particular section deals with the Billing, Settlement and Business Intelligence modules. I am in contact with departments from a range of different areas within the organisation, which gives me an insight into the way they all work – and through this I pick up much that is new. Three years ago I specifically chose to work for Wirecard because it’s still a medium-sized business. This allows more room to manoeuvre than would be the case in many large enterprises. For example, to get the best results possible, I can make a relatively large amount of important decisions independently within my department. The fact that the company is constantly growing and establishing new business branches opens up more all-round possibilities for my own professional development.

So of course I’m happy to go into work every morning, because there’s an excellent, friendly working environment waiting for me there. I enjoy the cosmopolitan spirit Wirecard has. There are ten different nationalities of people in my team alone.

To get the best results possible, I can make a relatively large amount of important decisions independently within my department.

Is this internationalism important to Wirecard as a whole, or just to you individually?
We serve more than 14,000 customers all around the world. Wirecard has locations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The company benefits from the fact that some employees are actually from the same country as the customers they’re supporting, which enables staff to better empathise.

I came to Munich from Cameroon 15 years ago to study IT. Personally I always feel very comfortable working in an international environment, which is most likely because I’m from another country myself.

How much does that influence daily operations?
At first glance, only insofar as we mainly speak English to each other in the office.

Aside from being fluent in English, what kind of qualifications and qualities must an applicant have if they want to join your team?
We set the bar extremely high. Every operation I run requires real intellectual effort. We develop software for high-availability products and set a great amount of store by performance and reliability. At Wirecard, a Project Manager is also a kind of internal coach. It’s therefore important to be extremely dynamic and agile when it comes to work. The position also requires the ability to cope well with constant changes of context, as we are responsible for a range of modules. We also work closely with the Development team, so qualified IT expertise is also a great advantage.