Posted on 17.06.2013 at 12:05


Assistant to CFO

Petra G.

Petra, why did you decide to join Wirecard?
I need challenges and a dynamic work environment. I could tell immediately that Wirecard is a proactive company. I have been working here since March 2011 and I must say that it is just as interesting as I had imagined it would be. I even had to move house for this job, but that has never been an issue for me. Quite the opposite actually. As well as the career prospects, the proximity to mountains also appealed to me. It doesn't take me long to get there from Aschheim.

Have you had any special experiences here that stand out?
Yes, definitely. After the birth of my daughter, Wirecard was incredibly supportive of me as a working mother. I received help exactly where I needed it most – in reconciling my work and family life.

The work nursery made it possible for me to quickly return to working full-time.

How are you supported as a mother? 
I returned to work immediately after my maternity leave. Wirecard has a cooperation contract with a nursery which is only 200 metres away. The work nursery made it possible for me to quickly return to working full-time. It is a perfect arrangement. It is also not a problem for me to have flexibility in my working hours. Wirecard has really made my life as a working mother much easier.

What about working at Wirecard? What benefits spring to mind?

Short decision-making processes, flat hierarchies and widespread general openness to ideas. This company really has an open door policy. Relationships between colleagues are also very pleasant. The company is in great shape and is growing at an incredible pace. This is also reflected in the positive mood here.