Posted on 06.06.2013 at 13:26


Vice President
Human Resources

Bettina Funk (VP Human Resources)

Bettina, why did you decide to join Wirecard?
From the start, Wirecard proved to be an extremely dynamic company in a very exciting growth industry. I immediately felt that I would be able develop in many different ways here and I was also given the opportunity to help establish the personnel department.

How has Wirecard changed over the last few years?
When I started working here ten years ago, Wirecard had less than 50 employees and above all specialised in ePayment solutions. Today, we are a company with a much wider range of products and a bank. We offer our customers products and services that cover the entire value-added chain in electronic payment transactions, all from under one roof. From that, we developed into experts in the industry, and not just in Germany but worldwide.

To what extent is Wirecard an international company?
Firstly, we are a cosmopolitan company. Just the team in Aschheim, near Munich, includes 30 different nationalities. Added to this are subsidiaries in Austria, the United Kingdom, Asia and the United Arab Emirates.

People with dynamic and eclectic personalities fit in here, people as open-minded as Wirecard.

What further development opportunities does Wirecard offer?
Development is very much tailored to the individual, and training is always suggested and chosen specifically for the respective employee, in line with the company's objectives, of course. Personal training and development is an essential feature of our personnel development. We regularly have meetings with our employees on this subject, and they also discuss achievement targets with their managers. We bring together the ability, performance and personality potential in a way that is in the interest of both sides.

What is it about Wirecard that appeals to applicants?
We work with the latest technology and we have our finger on the pulse with our projects. Prime example is mobile payment. Everyone wants to be a part of this because it is a fascinating market. We can only be successful in the long term if our employees are satisfied. For this reason, three things are important to us: open and respectful relationships, mutual regard and flat hierarchies.

What sort of person would fit in at Wirecard?
People with dynamic and eclectic personalities fit in here, people as open-minded as Wirecard. Those who join us are excited about working in a multinational team and are passionate about their work. We have high expectations of our employees. They have to take an active role and not just tick off items on a to-do list. Our processes and structures leave scope for anyone to make suggestions and put forward ideas. Not everyone is able or wants to work like that, but those who value freedom and autonomy can prosper here at Wirecard.