Posted on 06.06.2013 at 13:30


Key Account Manager
Sales Consumer Goods

Anne P.

Anne, why do you enjoy working at Wirecard?
I value a corporate culture that recognises me as an individual, with both my strengths and also my weaknesses. This is definitely the case at Wirecard, and that also applies to my colleagues and to my superiors. Everyone has a very open relationship with each other. If someone makes a mistake, they will admit to it. I think that this is the best possible basis for a company. I know what I am talking about, because I briefly worked in for an US company that had hired me again and I was very happy when I came back to Wirecard. It is not without reason that there are quite a few "returnees" here, as I have discovered from talking to my colleagues.

I love the friendly, open atmosphere, working as part of a team. We stick together.

What fascinates you most?
I have been working at Wirecard for three years and the truly strong team spirit in our department never fails to impress me. We not only work extremely well together in a consistently solution-oriented way, but also really get on with one another. So, I love the friendly, open atmosphere, working as part of a team. We stick together, even when there might be problems.

Does this openness mean you also have freedom in your work?
Definitely! I would say Wirecard has without doubt maintained its dynamic, spontaneous founding spirit. The scope is extremely wide and it is a very active, buzzing environment. Also, it is possible to convince others by offering the best ideas. By doing this, I have already been able to realise a number of projects that were not part of my main duties, with the approval of my superiors, of course. I really enjoy such varied and flexible work.

What would you like to achieve next?
In my new position as Key Account Manager, in the Consumer Goods division, I not only want to be successful, but also achieve my personal targets, or even exceed them! I hope to expand existing customer relationships, especially in the international segment, but also to acquire new major customers. In general, I want to continue my professional development and Wirecard allows me to do just that.