SOC Engineer

Bachelor or Masters Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or other relevant field. Alternatively, a minimum of three years of on-the-job experience in the listed area of duties.

Good knowledge of Windows, Linux, data bases (SQL, no-SQL), anti-malware, IDS and other security technologies.

Basic understanding of virtualization and software-defined data center concepts.

Knowledge of OSI reference model and networking fundamentals (switching, routing, load-balancing, firewalling).

Understanding of commonly used Internet protocols such as SMTP, HTTP, and DNS; basic understanding of cryptographic functionality within such protocols would be of advantage.

At least basic understanding of SIEM technology or, alternatively, security related log analysis logic.

Splunk Certification as well as other security certification (certifications (GIAC, ISC2, CompTIA) would be a plus.

Willingness to constantly build up your skillset using a mix of self-motivated and course based learning environment.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, including technical communication.


Administer and monitor our SIEM environment in order to detect suspicious events and anomalous activity.

Communicate with system owners in order to assure comprehensive logging of security relevant events.

Interact with 3rd party providers for keeping SIEM and other SOC related technologies and processes aligned to the business requirements.

Create reports on gathered security data in order to provide visibility on our security posture to the different stakeholders at Wirecard.

Support or manage the different levels of the incident response process in case of confirmed incidents.

Support or manage the execution of incident simulation exercises for validation and improvement of the overall incident response capabilities.

Continuously update your knowledge and capabilities in order to stay on-top of the threat landscape and in case of functional expansion of Wirecard's SOC services.

Handling of security incidents according to an Incident Response Plan.

Support with On-Call-Duty tasks.