Project Manager

The Project Manager is the person responsible for the delivery of complex, cross-domain projects on time and within budget and scope. As the project lead, (s)he interacts with and motivates various stakeholders (e.g., technical teams) to devise, initiate, execute and monitor project plans using agreed resources.

  • Identifying all relevant stakeholders and conducting requirements gathering meetings together with the business analyst/solution consultant.
  • Finalizing together with the business analyst and/or solution consultant the business and technical requirements:
    • High level requirements
    • Solution architecture document
  • Preparing the project plan together with the team and coordinating its execution
  • Monitoring, controlling and reporting on the progress:
    • Synchronizing with other involved departments or external parties
    • Reporting the status and KPIs for the project (eg. planned vs. currently estimated time and effort) to the main stakeholders
    • Escalating problems to the Line Manager
    • Proposing corrective actions
  • Managing the quality assurance and control:
    • Making sure the quality assurance activities are performed
    • Making sure the project results comply to the stakeholders' expectations and internal quality standards
  • Managing the project risks:
    • Assessing the projects risks
    • Proposing contingency plans
  • Coordinating the delivery of the project results:
    • Organizing technical and business sign-off meeting
    • Coordinating the rollout or handing over the release artefacts to the release manager(s)
  • Ensuring the delivery of operational documentation to the application administrators
    • Ensuring the delivery of the documentation for customer support
    • Informing all stakeholders about the rollout
  • Coordinating the closure of the project:
    • Conducting a retrospective meeting with the team and documenting the results
    • Checking the status of all documents related to the project and updating them
    • Making sure the KPIs for the project are available (planned vs. final time and effort, number of releases/rollbacks/hotfixes)


  • Project Management Skills (proven knowledge and experience with project management tools and principles such as MS Project)
  • IT Affinity (e.g., use of collaboration tools such as JIRA or Confluence)
  • Strategic Thinking (Big Picture Thinking without losing sight of the details)
  • Agility Methods Knowledge
  • Collaborative Competencies including presentation skills, negotiation skills, relationship management, strong communications skills


  • Learning Opportunities