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Overcoming Borders: How US Consumers Are Crushing the International E-Commerce Game

By Kevin Brown

The results of Wirecard’s third Consumer Insights Survey are in, and US consumers have declared the world an open shopping market. And here, many of the cardinal rules of e-commerce, such as fast shipping and free returns, just don’t apply.

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In our exclusive Wirecard Consumer Survey #3, we asked shoppers in the US:

How do you use international e-commerce and which aspects are particularly important to you?

To understand how boundless international e-commerce has already become for today’s customers, imagine the following case:

A bicyclist in Indiana is looking for specialized gear. She could get it at the local shop in town, but at a heavy markup because the retailer has to recoup their cost of holding inventory, paying rent, and fulfilling a special order for an item that’s made in a one-off shop in Australia. So she tries a big-box e-commerce site. They don’t even have what she’s looking for.

So she goes straight to Australia – or more accurately, to the Aussie merchant’s online shop. She doesn’t mind waiting for the shipment, or paying a little extra for an exchange fee, because she knows she’s getting a high-quality, one-of-a-kind product.

Or think of a consumer in Chicago who is frugal, style conscious, and busy. He buys his jeans and accessories from an international online emporium whose deep discounts are worth the 3- to 4-week wait.

Borderless commerce is real

At the risk of sounding too obvious: Global e-commerce is big business. A full 40 percent of respondents said that they had purchased from a cross-border e-commerce site in the previous 60 days. Another 16 percent had bought from an international merchant in the previous six months – and only 16 percent had never bought from an international seller.

Learn more about our survey findings in our free infographic:

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