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The joy of cashless shopping at Christmas

By Wirecard Editorial Team
Christmas is a time for giving, and the best thing about giving gifts is seeing the joy on someone’s face when they unwrap something specially chosen by you. The great news is, choosing the perfect presents and completing your Christmas shopping list on time can be just as joyful as the moment when you give them, when you outsource the task to your favorite tech.

Get the best out of your budget

No matter the size of your Christmas shopping budget, it’s easy to make sure you spend wisely every holiday season. Most online banking apps give you the option to view a categorized breakdown of your monthly, quarterly and annual spending. Take a look at this before you hit the high street and use automated savings features to put a set amount aside each month. When it’s time to buy, your budget will be ready and waiting, and your bank balance will avoid a big shock at the end of the year.

Check your categorized spending summary to budget smart for the holidays

Setting a budget for each person on your list is a great way to ensure they get just what they want - you’ll avoid panic buying at the last minute and be more thoughtful about just how you plan to spend your money on the family and friends who are extra special to you. E-wallets make it easy to keep track of your remaining balance, too - with alerts displaying the details of each transaction as you shop.

We’re making a list...

Getting organized is the hard part, but there’s an app for just about anything these days and they’re all designed to make life simpler. So, download the latest Christmas gift list-making app (this article provides a good guide, you’ll be surprised how many there are!) and you’ll have it with you at all times. Adding to it when you get a good idea for a gift doesn’t require a pen, notepad, or a great memory. Our favorite shortcut is to take a photo of anything you spot that might spark that expression of joy on December 25. It’s quick, and the best way to decide exactly what you’ll buy for each person. Review your own digital pinboard of ideas whenever you have the time and check it against the budget you’ve already set. You’re feeling more productive just reading this, aren’t you?

Stay home and shop

Another option is to shop just about anywhere, anytime you want to. That is the beauty of online shopping. Most online shopping outlets let you store your payment and delivery information to your account (just make sure each one is protected with it’s own, unique, long password). From there, all it takes is a touch or a swipe to complete a transaction. Busy routines often leave little time to spare for browsing store windows, so tackling your to-buy list with your feet up can be the better option. While physical stores remain the preferred buying spot, shopping online is an activity that one can do essentially whenever. In fact, consumers will shop online most often while they are relaxing (74%), watching TV (48%) or in bed (37%).

Unified commerce is a deciding factor for the majority of consumers in 2019 when it comes to where they prefer to shop. But what does this really mean? Unified commerce is when the online and offline experience meet in a way that offers the customer the most options and flexibility, such as buying online and picking up in store. And 9 in 10 consumers say they research items online before buying in store.

Sprinkle a little extra joy throughout the holidays and help others out by leaving reviews about the products you’ve purchased, too. Small sellers especially will love you for it, and sites like Etsy and Amazon will send you an email inviting you to review your purchases once they’ve been delivered.

Shop smart wherever you are

According to our Global Shopping Report 2019, over 90% of consumers have used cashless payment methods both online and in-store. So it’s true: cashless spending takes the stress out of shopping, however you prefer to do it.

Wirecard recently launched boon. Planet, a payment app that enables people to seamlessly manage every aspect of their finances wherever they are with a prepaid Mastercard. Users can transfer money in real time, top-up their prepaid balance and pay contactlessly with their smart device or physical card. boon. Planet is currently available to customers in Germany on iOS and Android, with future plans to roll out across Europe and around the globe.

Joy to the world of digital payments

So with the help of the tech we simply can’t live without, the power to spread joy through the giving and receiving of gifts at Christmas is right there in our pockets. Alexa, put the kettle on. We deserve it!

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