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Go cashless this Christmas for a more sustainable future

By Wirecard Editorial Team

The festive season is an ideal time to pause and think about how we can change our habits to live more sustainably through the holidays and beyond.

Going cashless is a great way for both consumers and merchants to limit environmental impact. Not only do digital payments save paper used to print cash, managing your money online skips the entire resource-hungry paper money production line. Wirecard is pleased to continue to pioneer increasingly advanced technology to enable buying and selling that’s both convenient and more conscious.

Did you know that Americans spend more than $8 billion each year on gift wrap?

Time to find a more sustainable alternative.

Choose a digital wallet over the latest designer accessory and spend generously this festive season on gifts that won’t leave you feeling guilty. For inspiration, we suggest giving experiences rather than material things. Does your best friend love hiking? Make them a handmade card telling them you’re going hiking with them. Even better, this means no need for gift wrap. Americans spend more than $8 billion each year on wrapping paper. It usually isn’t recyclable, and most of it ends up being thrown away after just one use. We’ll be opting for the rather magical brown paper, household string and a handwritten label reminiscent of childhood bedtime stories this year. You can easily do the same!

Alexa, turn the lights off and rent me a tree

Smart technology can help you save in more ways than one, especially throughout the colder seasons. Use smart plugs to connect your home and limit the environmental impact; this compact tech allows you to control that warm, welcoming glow from your phone or tablet when you’re not at home, and via your digital assistant when you’re within voice-reach. As your energy consumption goes up with switching on your tree lights, now is a great time to invest in smart gadgets that help cut pollution as well as your electricity bills. Make your purchase without limited-lifespan paper cash and you’ve made huge environmental savings, all while making life easier.

Now is a great time to invest in smart tech that helps cut pollution

as well as your electricity bills

Did you know you can rent Christmas trees? We love this idea. More and more small businesses are popping up offering FSC certified, sustainably grown trees for hire and in doing so, reducing the need for waste collection once the festivities have finished, as well as the discarded trees themselves. And this doesn’t mean compromising on holiday spirit – do as they did in the 16th century (yes, that’s when ‘Deck the Halls’ was originally penned!) and deck your halls with fallen branches and handmade wreaths in place of plastic decorations.

E-mobility trends set to rise in 2020

Millions of people around the world will be traveling over the holidays. If you’re one of them, do what you can to minimize your carbon footprint. Before you set off to spend it with family and friends, consider whether your commute could be more eco-friendly. Treating yourself to a new ride for 2020? The incentives to go electric are on the rise as more and more corporate businesses invest in solutions that support our hopes for a greener future.

This year Wirecard partnered with emonvia to make it even easier for consumers to get on board with electric mobility, combining our cutting-edge digital payment technology with emonvia’s ultra-accessible all-in-one car charging solution as they roll out to supermarkets, hotels, airports and organizations across Europe. Could Europe become fully electric by 2025? With digitalization set to transform mobility and maintain its status as a megatrend well into the next decade, we could be on track to meet this ambitious goal. Above all, this partnership is a prime example of how important it is for electric and driverless innovations to be fueled by cashless technology.

Carpooling is a great alternative in the meantime and can add a little cheer to those cold, dark journeys to and from the office. Look for a taxi or lift-sharing app that uses electric vehicles for getting from one festive gathering to the next. Just make sure your destination is cashless, too!

Rethinking traditions in hope for a greener future

Whether or not the outlook is cloudy with a chance of snow, it’s clear that putting in a little thought ahead of the new year can help reduce our environmental impact year-round. Make like wisemen with smarter choices this Christmas and just imagine how much more sustainable the world could be this time next year if we all start now. Happy holidays!

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