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Finding more peace with the help of digital technology

By Wirecard Editorial Team

Many of us will be looking forward to spending a peaceful time with loved ones this Christmas, but more often than not, catching up with family and friends during the holiday season requires some travel. As we welcome 2020, the power is quite literally in your hands to ensure your journeys are as smooth as possible with the latest innovations in travel tech.

US travelers agree that technologies like voice search and digital wallets would further simplify and enhance their travel plans.

According to Travelport’s 2018 travel trends report, people in the US are big fans of voice search, digital payments and digital room keys, and consider mobile devices to be ‘vital’ for simplifying and enhancing leisure travel. Apps focused on convenience and connecting people really do take the stress out of a busy itinerary – all that’s left for you to do is spend your hard-earned time off with the ones who mean the most to you.

Travel smarter with today’s tech

Forget trying to remember the formulas we learned in school, apps designed to calculate distances and travel times take the hassle and the math out of your schedule. Can you combine multiple visits to catch up with old faces and enjoy more time to relax in between? You might even find it’s cheaper to stopover between flights and cover more ground with friends that way. For example, 64% of travelers surveyed identified real-time alerts and being able to view their entire itinerary in one place as their top two critical features for travel apps. The good news is, it’s possible to have both with the likes of TripIt, the highest rated trip planner and flight tracker on Google Play and the App Store.

Researching, planning and comparing prices still involves some time and effort even with the most efficient of route-planning apps, but paying digitally couldn’t be easier. There’s nothing to stop you from spending your daily commute booking tickets, or even grabbing a last minute deal while you’re walking the dog. With so many other things to keep track of, with the help of new technologies, plastic cards need no longer be one of them.

2019 has seen Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions enter the market on a global scale and Wirecard recently announced the start of our partnership with HERE Mobility. This partnership aims to combine our digital banking and payment app with HERE Technologies’ geolocation data and services to provide a fully integrated digitally-enabled travel experience where customers can seamlessly search, book and pay for rides. HERE Mobility’s Marketplace currently spans Europe, Latin America and the US, connecting 2 million vehicles with consumers looking for transport. So chances are, you’ll find HERE Mobility servicing at least part of your route to visit family and friends this Christmas.

Get peace of mind this Christmas

If your holiday season is jam packed with socializing, make the most of the journeys themselves to get some all-important chill time. Download the latest Netflix shows and must-listen podcasts ahead of your next plane, car or train ride and you’ll never not be entertained en route. Relying on your mobile devices does mean a portable battery tops the list of essentials (alongside some sustainably sourced and wrapped gifts) – some can hold up to three full charges.

All that’s left to remember is your favorite pair of headphones. Noise-cancelling, Bluetooth, pocket-sized or attention-grabbing, wear them out the front door and shut out the rest of the world while you get from A to B. Peace may mean something different to each of us, but here’s proof that today’s tech can provide some all-important peace of mind and keep us better connected with one another, no matter the season.

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