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Fall in love with online grocery shopping this festive season

By Wirecard Editorial Team
Sharing food is an ancient tradition known for bringing people together. Sourcing and preparing food is still very much an act of love today, and eating together is once again becoming a sacred moment - a time to switch off our phones and swap stories from the day. But before we put our mobile devices away, we’re definitely going to need them to get the grocery shopping done without a fuss.

Shifting tendencies: In the next 5 years, 66% of shoppers expect to buy more of their groceries online

Heading to the supermarket without a strategy is a guaranteed way to overspend and forget the essentials, so avoid the busy checkouts and save time as well as money when you do your food shopping online this festive season.

Save time and money when you shop for food online

According to reports, grocery shopping online can be up to 50% faster than battling the car park and browsing the aisles. It’s much easier to review your shopping cart online to check you’ve got everything you need and think twice about any spontaneous additions that might push the total cost over your limit. You’ll also be able to see your complete last order and simply repeat or edit some of the items next time you need to restock the kitchen - how easy is that? Time saved on groceries can be much better spent with loved ones, and on holiday feasting itself!

Online grocery purchases are growing 4 times faster than offline grocery purchases. Are you part of the trend?

The wide choice available in many large supermarkets can be a distraction designed to encourage you to buy more, and indulge your rumbling stomach as you pass the chocolate section. Meal-planning at Christmas and sticking to healthier options all year round is easier when you’re not faced with temptation on the shelves, and some recipe websites and apps allow you to simply lift and drop the list of ingredients into your online shopping search. Convenient, and kinder to your wallet and your waistline, what’s not to love?

Seamless digital payment solutions from Wirecard

We jumped to the front of the queue in 2019 when we expanded our partnership with leading German hypermarket, real. Real enables customers to order fresh food online and either pick it up at participating markets or have it delivered to their home. This cooperation brings customers fast and simple payment options and a convenient unified commerce experience by delivering a consistent service through a combination of several channels.

Wirecard is proud to support technological innovation and transformation across all industries with its advanced digital payment solutions, and will continue to pay close attention to the online food retailing segment as it remains a key driver of growth in e-commerce.

Let tech do the hard work

Shopping online for groceries is a trend that has reached all corners of the globe, and as we enter into a new decade, we find that almost all consumer goods sectors have been fully digitalized - check out our blog for tips on using the latest tech to take the tedium out of Christmas gift shopping . One of the things we most look forward to is the tradition of Christmas dinner. Who needs expensive gifts when we can eat and drink with friends or family? Wherever you plan to spend the holidays, get your groceries online and rest assured that all your culinary essentials will be delivered in time. We hope you love every moment of the holidays as much as we will.

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