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EuroShop 2020 Highlights

The latest in retail innovation

By Wirecard Editorial Team

This week saw the return of the EuroShop trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany, a focal point for the latest innovations, technology, and future trends in the retail industry.

The event has run triennially since 1966 and this year 300 exhibitors representing 60 countries were expected to attend, with 114,000 trade visitors predicted across five days. Wirecard was there showcasing how we’re reinventing payments in retail, with our latest PoS, digital payment, and mobile commerce solutions.

Under the motto “CX³ - Customer Experience,” Wirecard and SES-imagotag showcased innovative solutions that open up completely new digital transformation possibilities for retailers. At the heart of our stand was a concept store with FC Bayern Basketball (FCBB), demonstrating how retailers can offer consumers a unique, end-to-end customer experience.

Click the image below for a tour of the concept store:

The showcase started with an FCBB video immersing the viewer in basketball and the emotions associated with the game – the idea being that every retailer can create the same kind of emotional customer experience by enabling the best possible in-store experience.

Visitors then went on a tour of the shop showing digital retail innovations from three perspectives: those of the consumer, the retailer and the store staff. Visitors could see how easy it is to scan and pay directly at the shelf thanks to electronic shelf labels, and how retailers can keep their store organized with real-time images of shelves which capture and send notifications if an item was running low, or something was misplaced. Finally, in-store staff benefit from the ability to check stock on an interactive tablet while assisting customers, thus providing useful information to consumers in real-time.

The FC Bayern Basketball concept store proved popular with visitors

Having walked the floor and taken in everything the show has to offer, we’ve pulled together a few other highlights for those who weren’t able to make it:

The Umdasch world of experience

High-end shopfitters, Umdasch, created a giant 900 square meter stand, designed entirely around the consumer experience.

One of the highlights was a demonstration of wirecube’s shopreme technology, including a store navigator that offers suggestions based on what you have just put in your basket or based on your location in-store. It also guides shoppers around the store in a logical way based on their shopping list entered in the app.

Items are scanned and paid for within the app, completing the experience. Retailers benefit as it encourages extra purchases that weren’t originally on the customer’s shopping list.

Umdasch app

The Micro Market Capsule

Shekel and Hitachi showcased Capsule, an autonomous micro-market solution. The modular capsules, containing specially adapted vending machines, provide the basis for 24/hour autonomous micro-markets at busy public places and aim to revolutionize the way shoppers purchase items on the go.

With real-time inventory management and privacy compliant LiDAR tracking technology, customers get a quick shopping experience and great product availability whenever they need it.

Sensormatic Solutions’ AI technology

Sensormatic displayed its latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to improve retail performance. This included its AI Data Intelligence insights platform that leverages store-level data on areas such as shopper traffic, inventory positioning, and loss prevention, to drive targeted behavior and improve store operations.

Its AI Vision Intelligence incorporates deep learning, image processing, and an AI camera developed alongside Intel, to assess shop-floor staff’s responsiveness and interactions with customers as well as how customers respond to the store environment around them.

Online Software AG’s digital signage

Digital signage is nothing new, but Online Software AG showed how it can be taken to the next level. Its Infinity Shopping Shelf enables retailers to present their entire product range completely virtually on a digital shelf. Information, images, and videos can be displayed to help the shopper make their decision. It also enables retailers to offer products that are not kept in the store or out on display, perhaps due to space, and promotes better customer interaction and personalization opportunities.

Working with live TV solution, Online Software AG can also offer digital signage that communicates retailers and farmers’ commitment to animal welfare by giving customers in grocery stores a live video feed to the living conditions of the animals whose produce they buy. It may sound crazy, but as we increasingly become aware of where our food comes from and how animals are treated, could this become the norm?

Happy chickens video feed at the grocery store

Syte’s recommendation engine

Syte’s AI and big data-based solution recognizes clothing on a random picture to help you find that product or similar items. This could be an image you’ve taken yourself, or an image from social media of your favorite influencer.

Syte’s technology can, and is, being utilized by big-name retailers in their apps and in-store to provide a better customer experience for shoppers and help them find the items they really want.

Syte recommendation engine

That’s all for EuroShop 2020! We hope to see you next time at EuroShop 2023.



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