Alipay – accept China’s number one mobile payment solution at your POS with Wirecard

Add one of the fastest-growing consumer groups to your customer base at no additional cost.

The Chinese tourism market is growing constantly in Europe and offers enormous revenue opportunities for retailers. With the Wirecard solution for Alipay, China’s largest mobile payment network, you can attract wealthy new customers from China by accepting the Alipay app at your point of sale.

Allow Chinese tourists to pay via Alipay Barcode Payment while on their travels. The app has a market share of 80% in China and enjoys the full confidence of its users. Wirecard offers you various technical solutions to accept Alipay without the need to open a bank account in China.

Three simple ways to integrate Alipay at your POS:

Hardware integration
You need a hand scanner and a small box (connector) which you can easily connect between your checkout system and receipt printer without any lengthy setup procedure.

Scan the barcode
Select Alipay as the payment method in your checkout and scan the barcode generated by your customer's Alipay app. The payment process will then start automatically.

Complete the payment process
The sales and Alipay Barcode Payment receipts are printed automatically. With the Wirecard connector, you can also avail of many other additional services.

Alipay Accept app
Wirecard offers the Alipay Accept retailer app as a particularly flexible and cost-efficient solution. Download it to your smartphone or tablet and start accepting Alipay payments.

Scan the barcode
Open the Alipay Accept app on your smartphone or tablet and use it to scan the barcode on your customer's Alipay app. The payment process will then start automatically.

Complete the payment process
Once the purchase process is complete, you can view all transactions carried out via the Alipay Accept app in the overview section of the app. Alipay Accept is also available as a white label solution.

SDK and API integration
Wirecard provides a software development kit (SDK) in order to accept Alipay. The payment function can be integrated into the checkout system by means of an application programming interface (API).

Scan the barcode
Select Alipay as the payment method in your checkout and scan the barcode generated by your customer's Alipay app. The payment process will then start automatically.

Complete the payment process
After the payment process has been initiated via the Wirecard Payment Gateways, the receipts are printed with Alipay Barcode Payment.

The advantages at a glance

  • More than 400 million Chinese people use the Alipay app
  • 100 million transactions per day
  • Increasing numbers of Chinese tourists in Germany (around 2 million in 2014)
  • Contract with the German company Wirecard, no Chinese account necessary
  • A VAT refund receipt can be generated in seconds 
  • The Alipay app can be used as a marketing channel with a built-in store finder

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China has the largest market of wealthy tourists. In 2013, approximately 1.7 million Chinese tourists visited Germany; in 2014 there were approximately 2 million tourists and the numbers are on the increase. Europe is the second most popular travel destination of Chinese people and every tourist from China spends an average of $3,000 on their trip here. Chinese people make 67% of their luxury purchases abroad. More than 400 million Alipay app users and $165 billion spent on trips each year are promising opportunities for you to increase your turnover. Additionally, by using the Alipay app as a marketing channel to send campaign-related push notifications to users, you can attract more potential customers and increase your turnover this way.

If you add Alipay to your POS as an alternative payment method, you will be able to automatically print a VAT receipt for your customers. Wirecard works with well-known tax refund agencies in this context. The fields on the receipt are already filled in, so the customer only has to sign the receipt and present it to customs. This represents significant added value for customers at no extra cost to you and with no interruptions to your normal POS processes.

You do not need to go through the time-consuming process of opening an account in China – you are concluding a contract with Wirecard, a German company. The Wirecard Bank fully processes all cash flows for you. The combined Alipay amounts are paid into your account as a lump sum. If your Chinese customers pay with Alipay, it will cost you less than if they pay by card.

You can view all transactions online using the Wirecard Enterprise Portal. There are numerous ways to export compiled data and you can even generate reports and data analyses.

Alipay, China’s most popular payment solution, can also be integrated into your online store as an alternative payment option. This allows you to combine your online and offline business seamlessly. With Alipay as one of your accepted payment methods, you can quickly process direct payments from your Chinese customers all over the world with the Wirecard platform. You do not have to open a business account in China.

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